Sons of Abraham: Mens’ Ministry

The Sons of Abraham is the men’s fellowship department of The Church of God. It is responsible for the organization and equipping of faithful men (1 Timothy 2:1,2) to be men of integrity and honor whom God can trust (Exodus 18:21) Our goals are:

• To build a strong and united brotherhood in Christ
• To equip and train our men (young and old) to be godly
• To reach out through service and commitment to our church and community
• To take hold of our God-appointed leadership role
• To show-forth Christ in our personal lives, marriages, and homes
• To define and restore the biblical characterizations of being a godly man in body, soul, and spirit

Every January, the NE/NW territory (Pennsylvania & Montana) hold an annual retreat held in Pennsylvania. This weekend allows the men to come together and spend time fellowshipping and learning more about the Lord.