Women of Ruth: Ladies’ Ministry

The Women of Ruth International is a women’s auxiliary of The Church of God. It is designed to provide women with opportunities for fellowshop, instruction, and involvement in the various activities of the church.

They takes their name from the Gentile woman who forsook her heathen gods to embrace Yahweh, the God of Israel, and His chosen people, the Jews.

Monthly themes promote spiritual life among the women of the church and special fundraising programs are organized and promoted to support activities.

Our International Women of Ruth is headed up by Deaconess Patricia Allen, Pastor of the Houma, Louisana congregation. Each year, an annual retreat is held in Cleveland, TN. In addition, our NE/NW Territory and Lousiana Region churches hold annual retreats in Pennsylvania & Louisiana. These weekends allows the women to come together and spend time fellowshipping and learning more about the Lord.